Thursday, March 01, 2007

Two milestones..
While vacationing Savannah started to wave hello, and bye-bye. Not probably very excting to most people, but to a mommy, it's just amazing :) Yes, I find joy in the silly, little things.

She also had her first ever "sink bath". Which, turns out, she likes much better than her regular tubby!


Happi said...

TOOOOOO Cute! What an adorable little baby girl. I love my boys, but oh...for a girl. : )

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh that is exciting and she is just so precious!

Anonymous said...

I find that it's easier to give a bath in the sink so i don't have to be bending over the tub. Hey, I saw that you have Dr.Bronner's, do you like the New Castle soap? That's one that I don't have. Just wondering. We have eucalyptus, lavendar, pepermint and tea tree.

Staci said...

Yes! I love Dr. Bronners soaps. This one is almond, it smells so nice.
I prefer California Baby for Savannah, but use Dr. B's when I run out!