Friday, March 02, 2007

More vacation memories...
We found our favorite restaurant, Flounders. When we lived in Pensacola it was our favorite beachside hang out.

We hung out with the locals. Notice Adrian staring at the statue trying to figure out if he is real or not.

Silly boys!!!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Is that Daddy wearing Savannah in a pink sling!!?? REAL MEN WEAR BABIES!! That's awesome!!!


Staci said...

No, but that would have been really cool if he was. He just had her pink blankie over his shoulder.
He loves baby wearing though. But I probably couldn't get him in a pink sling. Camo maybe, pink, no.

Elizabeth F. said...

I came to check out your blog. I just moved to NC from IN about 8 mos ago. We are planning a trip to Disney in April. I loved the pic of the pier with the waves crashing over it. Beautiful. Anyway, thanks for commenting on my blog. I'll stop by again soon!