Sunday, August 13, 2006

Along a dark country road....

Last night my 3 year old came within inches of being struck by a car. We were on our way home from Wayne's house, and of course Adrian (3 yr.old) has to pee. We took the back country roads home, so Jeremy pulls over to the side, to let the kids (now they all have to pee) out to pee. Well, to make a long story short, Adrian had crossed the road, when a car came from the other direction, and sped by him, coming with inches of him. Thank God he was standing so still (going potty) and didn't step or move backward. I'm pretty sure the vehicle didn't even see him standing on the edge of the road, peeing. It could have been so bad, really Austin AND Adrian could have been hit. I almost had a heart attack. I couldn't get to him soon enough, I had to wait for the car to pass. I cried all the way home.
I have never been so thankful to tuck my 3 sweet little boys, and 1 sweet little baby girl into bed at night.

Friday, August 11, 2006

End oF the Summer Blues

I am sooo not ready for this summer to be over, I really hope we have a few more weeks of the hot weather, for my boys to enjoy swimming in the pool. I know that I need to start school in the beginning of September, and I'm not ready, still need to order school books, and write some sort of a schedule.

I am really enjoying this "new baby" phase that Savannah is in....I don't want it to end. She is just the perfect baby. She sleeps well, I haven't had a bad night's sleep since she was born. Maybe it's because I have discovered co-sleeping!! Why didn't someone tell me about this sooner???
She is always happy. When she does cry, I feel like I know exactly what she needs, maybe it's just because she is baby #4. I guess I should have this mommy-thing figured out by now. I'm just a slow learner I guess.

I will add pictures soon, haven't figured that one out yet!!