Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Dinosaur Adventure Land: A Creation Science Museum

We took the opportunity to use our holiday as an educational experience. We took the kids to Dinosaur Adventure Land, in Pensacola Florida, a creation science museum founded by Dr. Kent Hovind, a creation scientist. It was a fun and educational experience for us, and the kids.

“Evolutionism is a religious worldview not supported by science, Scripture, popular opinion, or common sense. The exclusive teaching of this dangerous, mind-altering philosophy in tax-supported schools, parks, museums, etc. is a clear violation of the First Amendment.”

- Dr. Kent Hovind

Austin got his name on the "All Time World Record" board, for completing an obstacle course in record time! He beat the record by about 5 seconds! Good job buddy!!!

About Creation Science Evangelism
Author: Dr. Kent Hovind

Creation Science Evangelism was started in 1989 by Dr. Kent Hovind (a high-school science teacher for 15 years). This ministry exists to support and proclaim the truth of God's Word, demonstrating the perfect harmony of the Biblical record with factual science and history.
Additionally, CSE sets out to demonstrate the fallacies and deceptions of modern evolutionary thinking. We believe the Bible is literally true and scientifically accurate. We believe the earth was created in six literal, 24-hour days, about 6000 years ago. We believe dinosaurs have always lived with man. They were called "dragons" throughout most of human history. Noah took them on the ark (probably juveniles--just be sure to get a pink one and a blue one!). After the Flood, people killed most of them. There are probably a few small ones still alive today in remote parts of the world. See our video, Dinosaurs and the Bible for much more on the topic.


Brooks said...

That's pretty cool. I didn't know that place existed. Allen loves the videos Jeremy gave him and has let friends at church borrow them. We just finished a Bible Study and heard some videos from Ken Hamm. He is a creation scientist and does many seminars on the topic. He's really good too. Glad you had a nice vacation!

Staci said...

I really like the Ken Hamm stuff too!

If you would like the Kent Hovind stuff on DVD (instead of video)let me know, and we will send you copies!

We had a wonderful vacation. I will email you soon. Trying to catch up on school :)


New Mama's Nest said...

I've never heard of Ken Hamm, will have to do some reading! I'm loving the vacation photo's - keep them coming!

The Flip Flop Mamma! said...

My hub and I are huge fans of Dr Kent Hovind!! We've seen almost all of his videos! We really want to see him speak the next time he's near our area! He always offers 10 million dollars to any evolutionists that can actually prove evolution!! It wouls be sooo neat to go his museum!!

Staci said...

His museum is AMAZING!!! And the best part is that it is FREE!!! Since we were there during the off season, we had our own personal tour guide to take us around the park, and answer the kids questions, and take them on every ride.
I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Florida. The kids loved it, and can't wait to go back.

busybusymomma said...

Sounds like a potential stop whenever we go to Florida next. :o) Very interesting!

Sounds like you had a fun vacation!

Nicole said...

It looks like ya'll had fun. That is any little boys dream to go to a Dinosaur park!!

Heidi said...

Sounds - and looks - like fun! Another place to add to the fun family vacation list!

Corey said...

For the truth of Kent Hovind and evolution, I suggest you visit Talk Origins and Analysis of Kent Hovind.

Then there is his conviction for tax evasion.

Staci said...

If you believe in evolution and choose to believe that we evolved from monkeys thats your buisness. You should do youself a favor and watch Hovinds creation seminar or the debate series. Not even college professors can argue intelligently the facts of creation. Evolutin is a LIE!!!!
As for the tax issue, do youself a favor and research the law. The first amendment is very clear in regards to regulating churches. In my opinion the individual income tax is a fraud!!! The IRS unlawfully requires churches to incorperate in order to not pay taxes. This is a clear violation of the first amendment!!! Also, when a church incorperates (501c3 not for profit organization)the IRS list 26 different regulations on that church such as "no public protesting of pornography" or "no promotion of a particular political candidate" or " no telling parents that they HAVE rule over their children above the STATE" Kent Hovind was imprisoned for worshipping JESUS CHRIST instead of the IRS!!!!

Corey said...

I have seen Hovind's Age Of The Earth and there are many errors.

First off, we did not evolve monkeys, but an ape. Monkeys have a psychical tail, apes like humans, chimps, gorillas, do not.

Nothing that exists now is our great-grandfather as Hovind claims. We are animals.

Animals are multi­cellular, capable of locomotion at some stage in their life cycle, responsive to their environment, and feed by consuming other organisms or parts of them.

Hovind claims the ldest tree is 4000 years, which is wrong. It is over 4700 and there are and have been living things that are older than that.

The Sahara Desert may have been around for only several thousand years, but it not the oldest desert, that is the Namib desert.

Hovind was convicted by a jury, his "missionary" is not considered a church under the law.

Be aware of wolves in sheep's clothing.

Staci said...

I think I have made my position clear. I do NOT believe in evolution, I believe in creation.

I do not plan to debate you on creation or Kent Hovind.

I also believe in Brother Hovinds ministry regardless of his tax status. Yes, he is still in prison. He got 10 years, which is just a shame, some MURDERERS and child abusers don't get 10 years. Another fine example of the state our country is in! Anyways!

I heard while at Dinosaur Adventure Land that Brother Hovind has led many prisoners to the Lord while he has been there, so maybe it is God's plan afterall. Who knows.

End of discussion. :)


Corey said...


I am showing you that Kent Hovind is a false teacher. If you want to follow him, that is your problem.

Just don't complain when you find in your heart the truth.

brooks said...

There is no evidence that evolution is occurring today or has occurred in the past....true vertical evolution, from some simpler kind to some more complex kind. No one has ever observed evolution in action and no one knows how it works. Therefore, it must be accepted on faith. No one has ever recorded the natural evoltuion of any kind of creature (living or non-living) into a more complex kind. Why hasn't there ever been a fossil found with half scales/half feathers, half legs/half wings, or anything else similar? If evolution were true, there should be millions of transitional types among the fossils. If evolution did not occur in the past, and does not occur at the present, then it is entirely imaginary. This leaves creation as the necessary explanations of the origins. The only true account of origins is given in Genesis. Please read Genesis 1 & 2. It is a lot easier and comforting to believe that someone (GOD) created the universe and everything in it, then believing that we just happened out of nothing and evolved from animals.

Staci said...


I am not "following" Kent Hovind. I BELIEVE THE BIBLE, and the BIBLICAL account of CREATION.

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth Genesis 1:1

I repeat...GOD CREATED..

That does not leave any room for the LIE OF EVOLUTION. Evolution and creation cannot both be true. Either God created it, or we evolved. It's one or the other.

I will trust GOD!!!

If you are truely seeking the TRUTH, read the bible.

I get the final word because this is my blog!!! Aren't I fun???


Corey said...


So you are saying that evolution including micro-evolution exists, ie. variation of dogs?

Just because you have not observed evolution in action does not mean it has not happened.

The theory of evolution is based on evidence that has been observed. When evidence is found to contradict previous conclusions, those conclusions are abandoned, and new beliefs based on the new evidence take their place. This "seeing is believing" basis for the theory is exactly the opposite of the sort of faith implied by the claim.

The claim implicitly equates faith with believing things without any basis for the belief. Such faith is better known as gullibility. Equating this sort of belief with faith places faith in God on exactly the same level as belief in UFOs, Bigfoot, and modern Elvis sightings.

A truly meaningful faith is not simply about belief. Belief alone does not mean anything. A true faith implies acceptance and trust; it is the feeling that whatever happens, things will somehow be okay. Such faith is not compatible with most creationism. Creationism usually demands that God acts according to peoples' set beliefs, and anything else is simply wrong.

Saying that the Bible is ultimate authority is dogmatic. It suggests no reason for its conclusion.

The Bible says different things to different people. Beliefs that creationists take as gospel today, such as the fixity of "kinds" and the impossibility of life from nonlife, would have seemed absurd to creationists of centuries past, and those past creationists would have cited the Bible to support their views.

In practice, this claim displays a great deal of arrogance, hubris, and closed-mindedness. It says that the final word on how the universe operates depends on one's personal decision of what to believe.

This belief, when applied as a standard for others, is religious bigotry in its purest form. It shows contempt to others who believe that God's influence may be seen elsewhere than the Bible and the select few who are defined to interpret it correctly. This claim has started wars.

The Bible says several things that you probably do not believe:
Slavery is acceptable, you should kill your child if he strikes you (Exod. 21:15), if you work on the Sabbath, you should be put to death (Exod. 35:2-3), if you curse, you should be stoned to death (Lev. 24:14-15), happiness is smashing children upon the rocks (Psalms 137:9) and women should be subjugated by their husbands (1 Pet. 3:1-7).

Yes, read Genesis 1 & 2. Note, the difference between when man is created.


If you cannot explain to me how evolution is lie, then you do not really believe in creationism.

I know evolution to be true. And seems to me by your writing that you know it is true and the truth hurts.

Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.

Staci said...


I didn't say I couldn't explain how evolution isn't true. I didn't say that I couln't explain how CREATION IS TRUE. I said I don't plan to debate you.

I believe the bible. Period. Your problem is not with me, Kent Hovind, or Brooks. YOUR PROBLEM IS WITH GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not fearful, angry, hateful or suffering.

Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.
Romans 5:1

Galations 5:22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,...


Kelli said...

Wow Corey, have you heard the saying that opinions are like assholes...? I am sure you know the rest. Do you honestly expect anyone to take you seriously? I find you oddly fascinating at best. A 30 year old, male Celine Dion fan? nice try.

Gina said...

My boys learned all about creation science in homeschool co-op this year. Next time we're in Florida we'll have to check it out.

BTW, I have 3 boys and a girl! Just like your family.

Visiting from the carnival! And I've got my own contest going on check out

Anonymous said...

(Can't you delete that comment with the curse word? It is sad that people who aren't Christian resort to curse words.) Our family personally thanks God for Dr. Dino! I'm glad that he can minister in prison, too, but someone should be able to help him in appeals when murderers, etc, do not get 10 years! We are trying to get his dvds and materials for our homeschool now. Our children love his Creation seminar! We also like Ken Ham, but Hovind really caught the children's attention and kept it! We are praying for him! from The Craig Family