Saturday, January 06, 2007

My Reason for Homeschooling
By Anita Doran
I want to be the special potter,
Who molds and shapes my little daughter.
To keep her closely to my side,
To teach her why our Jesus died.
I think that she is doing great,
Especially since she's only eight.
She shops, she bakes, she mops the floor,
Has two cats she's responsible for.
She can read a product label
To see if it's fit for our table.
I teach her all about life, you see,
As she tags along with me.
And no matter where we roam,
We keep on learning, just like home.
We add a little mystery,
By learning our state's history.
Although she reads and writes and sings,
She's learning more important things.
Like love and kindness and God's word,
How to be humble, yet still be heard.
Sure it's hard and I have doubts,
"Am I doing this right?" "How will she
turn out?"
And my house gets such a mess!
Too many papers strewn, I guess.
Sometimes frustration rears it's head,
She didn't do what I said.
Yet, all in all, it is a charm,
To have my daughter on my arm.
If I ever have a doubt,
I get our big old Bible out.
In the book, I always see
That's this is how it's meant to be.
Side by side, day by day,
Teaching her the Godly way.

This is a poem that I found in my latest issue of NGJ, a FREE magazine. Visit for your FREE subscription.


Amber said...

What an insightful, inspirational poem. Though I know I could never have the patience nor fortitude to homeschool, I totally admire those who can do it well!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

That was sweet! I so want to homeschool but hubby hasn't gotten there yet... although if they pass the "all day kindergarten" rule here I think it might get him there!

Happi said...

I love this. I am on the road to homeschooling. Cody will be in kindergarten next year and the Lord has really been speaking to me about plans for next year. We have all day kindergarten and I've never been peaceful about it...never. I'd love to talk with you sometime about it.