Thursday, January 11, 2007

How Do I Drink My Water?

Steph at Advenures in Babywearing has tagged me...about my water container!?

At home, I drink from our water cooler, out of a Ball Mason jar, ice cold, no ice. I know, I'm a hillbilly. It makes it easy to keep track of how much I drink (usually 4 quarts a day). I use the Mason jar for several reasons: it's big, it has a lid for transportation purposes, and it's glass.

I drink an enormous amount of water. So do my kids. Ever since we got the water cooler it's become almost fun for the kids to drink water. We NEVER drink the tap water. We live out in the country, and have well-water, so it's almost scary to imagine what's in it (probably lots of fertilizer, and pesticides considering we live surrounded by thousands of acres of corn/bean fields).

I am also careful about the bottled water we drink. I learned about the dangers of fluoride and chlorine in drinking water a couple years ago.

As for bottled water I prefer the taste of Evian. Second would be Dasani.

Head over to Adventures In Babywearing, to see her container and water of choice.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Ha- maybe I'm a hillbilly, too. My family always keep the mason jars in the freezer so they are nice & cold...

Robin said...

Okay, I have to ask....why glass? Your the second one to say this. I'm missing something here.

Staci said...

I use glass because there is all sorts of information suggesting that plastic leaches into the food and water that is contained within it.
Here is one article. I found this at
type: plastic water container
several articles come up.

How Safe is Your Food Container?

Bisphenol-A (BPA), a material used in household products such as baby bottles, food-storage containers and the lining of soda cans, imitates the sex hormone estradiol. It has been discovered that even the smallest amount of BPA can trigger detrimental changes in the body, including an increased risk of breast cancer.

However, BPA is not the only packaging material to be wary of, for reports have found all the plastics commonly used for food packaging can leach suspected hormone disruptors. That's why, according to a source from the International Plastics Task Force, the wisest heath choice is to store foods in glass or ceramic containers when possible and to avoid heating or microwaving foods in plastic.

Specific Plastics to Avoid

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC or vinyl): used to make Reynolds Wrap and Polyvinyl Films cling wraps, the cling wrap most popularly used in grocery stores.

Polystyrene (PS): found in its non-inflated form in some disposable plastic cups and bowls and in most opaque plastic cutlery.

Polycarbonate (or "other" resins): used to make plastic baby bottles, 5-gallon water bottles, clear plastic "sippy" cups for children and some brands of plastic cutlery.

Further, since most grocery stores use PVC for their cling-wrapped cheeses and meats, it would also be wise to trim off the outer layer of such pre-packaged foods to reduce ingestion of DEHA--which has been found to cause reproductive effects and liver tumors in test animals. Canned foods, which can contain traces of bisphenol-A from the plastic inner lining of the can, may also be a source of concern.

Anonymous said...

Isn't your water ony our water cooler stored in plastic? ;-)
Love, your sister

Staci said...

Yes, and thank you for pointing out the obvious :)

I don't know any way around the 5 gallon plastic jugs.

Any suggestions?

Robin said...

I had heard about heating food in plastic and storing food in plastic, neither of which we do anymore, but not for cold water. Interesting. I might have to break out the glassed. Not sure I want my boys touching them though!!!

p.s. your sister's comment made me laugh!

Misty Johnson said...

I recently read about this in a monthly newsletter I get by Dr. Andrew Weil. I to started using my leftover mason jars for drinking, but more because it keeps my Ice water cold longer, or at least it seems like it. The story I read said definately not to heat foods in plastic, and also storing/freezing in plastic containers could allow those nasty chemical to leach into the food. I think it said #5 and below were the worst (refering to the numbers in the recycling symbol on these items). Have no ideas on how to avoid the plastic in the water cooler??? But suggest trying Fuji water - I think it "tastes" the best because there is no taste to it - just the way it should be!!! I can't even drink a whole bottle of Dasani, Evian, or Aquafina because they taste like plastic. I'll buy them if I'm desparate, and that's all I have a choice of, but I always throw away at least 1/2.

PS. Savannah is so cute & big. Glad she likes books. That was always Haley's favorite toy too.