Monday, October 30, 2006

A Whole Way of Life
By: Michael Pearl
The number of homeschoolers is rapidly increasing. Home-schooling is not just an alternative educational procedure; it is one of many expressions of a whole way of life.
As homeschooling parents, you have taken charge of your life to give God his rightful place in training your children. To teach biology in an environment that denies the Author of life is like eating an egg and denying the chicken. Such a process is stupefying—degrading to the intellect. To teach history apart from God is to praise the sculpture and deny the sculptor. To learn science and mathematics apart from the omnipotent God is to throw out the computer and do your computations with a roulette wheel. To teach children to read and then outlaw the reading of the only book written by the God called the Word is like giving a blind man sight and then outlawing seeing.
The public school expelled God from the class room, but when the immorality became a threat to personal satisfaction, as well as personal safety, they started talking about values. They will not get their values back any more than a man will get peaches from a tree he cut up for firewood.
We are not rebels; quite the opposite; we are just the minority who refuse to join a rebellion against God and the truth. We are taking our children to the tree of life growing beside the fountain of knowledge to be refreshed by the Author of life. We will not stoop for anything less. We will not compromise. We will not allow state testing to dictate our curriculum. They have made their position on God and morality clear. We are making our position clear. We will not attend their party, dance to their tune, or employ their fiddler.


Amber said...

I really admire folks who homeschool and do it well. Sadly, there are several bad examples of that in our area and the kids are the most maladjusted I've ever seen, which defeats the whole purpose.

There is no greater training ground than the home and kudos to you if you have the dedication, resources and commitment to make it work well!

Brooks said...

I take great offense to this posting as my kids are taught in public schools. There are a lot of problems with public education, I will admit. However, not every schooling method is without flaws. Homeschooling is not perfect. There are some examples in my church as well where the kids have been homeschooled and they are really struggling because they have no social skills. They are maladjusted as Amber put it. I'm sure there are issues with Christian schools as well. I am not fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom. Even if I were, I would still send my kids to school, although I would prefer a Christian school. I make sure my kids are taught Christian values in my home to give them the foundation they need to go against any false teaching in the public schools. My children are thriving in school despite what this post states.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

My son does go to kindergarten in a public school, and is doing very well. But, I find this post very inspiring.

I have a strong desire to homeschool, and right now in order to stay in agreement with my hubby we have the arrangement we do now. I honestly think I'd rather my son be homeschooled than go to a Christian school (I went to a Christian school and the rebellion there is of a totally different spirit) and we've chosen to do public school over Christian school.

My true wish is to homeschool- for many of the reasons Michael Pearl so articulately wrote.

Staci said...

Well thank God we live in a free country (Amen?) and are each able to decide what is best for our own families. We are intitled to an opinion, even me. I am not telling anyone they need to change, or what I'm doing is right and they are wrong. But this is MY blog, and I am able to voice MY opinion here, whether it offends a reader or not.
Our country is in a sad, sad condition, and whether you like it or not, it has a lot to do with GOD and the BIBLE being removed from public schools.