Monday, October 23, 2006

A busy, busy weekend....
The kittens are ready. This is our second and last litter of kittens. Momma is getting spayed very soon. There are 5 kittens. Two black with green eyes, two grey and white with blue eyes, and one calico with green eyes. Kitty anyone?

This is momma cat "Pepper" as in salt and pepper.

This Saturday was Jackson's first day deer hunting (with Daddy of course) He passed his hunters safety course while I was in Colorado.

Savannah cut her first tooth. She is trying to put everything in her mouth. I am considering starting her on some mashed banana. As she sits in my lap at the dinner table, she opens her mouth like a baby bird every time she sees the fork. It's pretty cute.

This is "Maggie". I think this is like the 3rd kitten my boys have named Maggie.
I have yet to figure out why my pics don't download in the right order. Oh well...I'm still learning.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

I have been trying to comment on your blog for days now... hoping this works! I loved your pics from Colorado, too! We are going next spring to see family in Longmont. Can't wait!

Heidi said...

Love all the pics...what a cutie you have!!!

New Mama's Nest said...

So cute! Babe and the kittens:) We had to find new homes for our felines before X came home (preemie lungs) I miss them!

PS. Veganism still going for you? I PROMISE to bring recipes for you to the meeting... planning on bringing something yummy we can eat too.