Wednesday, September 05, 2007

No go.

I spent the perfect end of summer day in Chicago trying to coax Andrea into labor. But at the end of the evening we decided, or shall I say her baby decided, that it was not the day. But the day was not wasted, I learned so much, and we had the best Moroccan dinner downtown.

The kids had an awesome time...and Austin (age 7) caught a huge bass. He was so proud. :)

Can anyone tell me how to get pictures from email (from my camera phone) to my computer?? Apparently I'm an idiot.

Maybe today is baby day..............


{Karla} said...

My baby was supposed to be a Labor Day baby (I was to be induced), but he came early.

If you learn how to do the phone to computer transfer let me know - -I have no idea either!!


busybusymomma said...

Hmm, I ended up getting a MicroSD card and that's how I transfer back and forth (avoids fees that way).

My brother has emailed me phots from his phone, I wonder if you just enter an email address instead of a phone#?