Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day
I have already had the BEST weekend. My sister was here for 3 days, and we had the best time catching up, and chasing kids. I regret not using her camera, and stealing some pictures for my blog. Not much I can do about it now that she is on a plane.
Another dear friend of mine, Brooks (and her kids) were in town from Virginia for the weekend. It was nice visiting with her, even if it was only for an hour. (By the way Brooks, you look fabulous!)
I have a wonderful Labor Day picnic planned for this afternoon, complete with dear friends waiting for us. But, it's LABOR DAY. A first time momma in Chicago is anxiously awaiting the birth if her first child, and plans to "take something" to get things going this morning. I wish she would just wait for nature to take it's course...but I also know the 10-months-pregnant feeling. So I am waiting for the call from my senior midwife.
My poor, poor children (kidding) will probably miss the picnic (Daddy is working making the big-holiday bucks). Assuming I leave for the birth in Chicago, they will spend an afternoon at their very favorite place. The Peterson's, who have a beautiful house on a lake, where they get to do their very favorite, and tubing. I know that as soon as they get out of bed I will hear that familiar "has that lady went into labor yet or what???" because they are ready to go. (Thank you Emma for giving me a wonderful place to take them when I go to births, I love and appreciate you so very much!!!! I also appreciate the love and care you give Savannah while I'm away.)
Have a wonderful and safe holiday! :)


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh wow! I also have a friend due to have a baby anytime now and I told her I think she'll go in labor on Labor Day! How nice you've had such a wonderful weekend!!


brooks said...

You are way too nice! Ciera told everyone about the kittens and was ready to come back the next day.