Friday, August 03, 2007

My Personal Favorite Natural Remedies

Oreganol (oil of oregano)- A natural antibiotic, for use in eliminating:
- colds and flu: several drops under tongue, rub into soles of feet for infants, or into chest (think Vicks VapoRub) for older kids
-respiratory illness: same as above
-ear infection: a couple drops warmed into ear canal, may need to dilute with olive oil
-yeast infection: several drops under tongue, 3 times a day until condition clears.
-staph infection: internally and externally
-bacterial infection: internally and externally
-Toothaches/oral lesions: Apply directly to involved region as often as needed.
-Athlete's foot/ ringworm: Apply directly to involved areas twice a day.
-Seborrhea: Apply to involved areas gently. Take also internally, 5 drops twice a day.
-Sunburn: Rub on involved region.
-Rash or hives: Rub on involved region twice or more daily.
-Psoriasis or eczema: Use internally primarily for adults. In children, apply small amount to the lesions once or twice a day.
-Warts: Saturate a cotton ball and apply to wart with paper tape. Repeat twice daily. Also, take the oil internally, 5 or more drops twice a day Available online, or at the health food store.
Arnica gel- a topical pain reliever for bumps and bruises. Fast relief for muscle pain, and stiffness swelling. This stuff is awesome! You can find it in the homeopathic section of your health food store. I use it on my little ones bumps on the head (when learning to walk), and for the inevitable bruises the older boys get all over their legs from who knows what.

Supertonic- a liquid concoction made from organic garlic, habanero peppers, horseradish, onion, and ginger in a base of organic apple cider vinegar. Make it yourself (just ask me for the recipe) or buy at: Whenever anyone feels a cold coming on, or has the sniffles..this will chase it off!!! I gargle it for a sore throat.

Echinacea- Boosts the immune system. It works by boosting the number of immune cells and the amount of natural immune chemicals in your body and then stimulating them into being more active. There are literally hundreds of other known and researched healing and protecting abilities of Echinacea besides colds, flu, sore throats and upper respiratory infections. A partial list includes inhibiting tumor growth, killing strep and staph bacteria, halting urinary tract infections, healing infected wounds, relieving hives and allergic reactions, stopping allergies, neutralizing toxic and poisonous insect and animal bites and stings, etc. I buy from (You can make your own..just ask me how)

Since putting my kids on a regular regimen of Supertonic and Echinacea in cold/flu season, we have hardly had a cold, and no flu!! This stuff works!

My favorite stuff for prevention in a few days.

Have a great weekend!


The Flip Flop Mamma! said...

Oh, I am bookmarking this post!!!

Heidi said...

Ditto, I'm bookmarking this one and the one below. I had really bad thrush with my son and since I'm GBS+ again with this one I'm terrified of getting thrush again. I'm going to look into getting the Oreganol since it took us forever to get rid of. (I'm suspicious that I have systemic thrush still so I'll be doing yeast cleansing stuff- already not eating sugar etc!)

I'd love the recipe for the supertonic email is thebutterflymama at

I'm also having a little contest if you want to come guess my delivery date!

New Mama's Nest said...

I love oil of oregano! I was putting it on X to help with Salmonella symptoms- he walked around smelling like a sweet little pizza!

Julie said...

I have never heard of Oreganol. Sounds great. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I was googling how to make my own oreganol and your site came up. I hope you don't mind my commenting as a stranger to your site. If you know how to make oreganol, do you mind sharing the recipe?


Staci said...

Hi Connie,

I do not make my own Oreganol (oil of oregano). I use the North American Herb&Spice Brand Oreganol. From what I have read the best, and purest oregano comes from the mountain regoins of the Mediterranean.. my thinking is that it is cheaper to buy it already made.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful on this one.

Any other questions please feel free to PM me at


Staci said...

oops...correction. My correct email address is NOT Yahoo.

The Baby Catcher said...

Thanx for your info on oregano. I was looking for a remedy for strep throat for my daughter, I have been using essential oils that ALWAYS WORK but this is a very strong bout this time. I haven't been able to kick it. I will be returning to your site often, thank you for your work. °Ü° Please feel free to check out my blog, we have much in common! °Ü° AZ midwife

Mark Church said...

Nice Review of products. I just ordered some extra strength Oreganol about 2 days ago. I ate a burger at Burger King back in July 2008, and a few days later woke up with Rotten Egg / Sulfur burps. The rest of the day I was in the bathroom with the worst diarrhea of my life. It was basically like I was peeing from my bum.. Sorry to be so graphic.

But it doesn't end there. The reason I'm trying this is because since then, (about every 14 days or so) I will wake up with rotten egg burps, and my stomach gets really upset when I eat meats, or other certain types of foods, and drink anything dairy (especially milk).

I've narrowed this down to being a parasite from the burger I ate. Most likely the parasite known as Giardia. Could have been some form of food poisoning too like Salmonella, or E Coli too. But I want these symptoms to go away. Especially the Rotten Egg burps. I really hope that this Oreganol Super Strength does the trick. If you have any other recommendations for this please let me know. Here is my email :

I will let everyone know how well it works for me. God bless you and yours for New Years!