Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Our Most Used Home Remedies

by Rabeka Joy Anast of Welltellme.com
April 2005

I have three children now, ages 4 and under. None of them have ever needed to go to the doctor. Any day I am expecting a broken limb to change that record, but until then... these are the home remedies we have used to keep us all healthy and smiling!

EARACHE- Garlic oil (crush a fresh clove in a tablespoon of warm oil, let sit 5 minutes, strain, administer two drops per ear, three times daily.

EYE INFECTION - Honey (stings!) or Colloidal silver drops four times daily (feels like water in the eye).

RESPIRATORY- Garlic press (crush a fresh clove inside a folded paper towel, pour hot water over, wring out and apply to chest for 90 seconds. Garlic in honey (half clove minced, coated with honey in a teaspoon, take orally twice daily. Echinacea tincture or The Immune Booster.

HEAD COLD - Garlic press on soles of feet (see above) and/or cinnamon essential oil smeared on soles of feet, Echinacea tincture or The Immune Booster, Eucalyptus essential oil baths.

FEVER - Warm/cool sea salt baths, Tylenol, Chamomile tincture.

SORE THROAT - Garlic press on neck and feet, Echinacea tincture or The Immune Booster, warm Garlic water gargle (pour hot water over crushed garlic, strain, and gargle water.)

NAUSEA/STOMACH VIRUS - Spearmint tea with raw honey, yogurt (stay hydrated.)

TOPICAL INFECTION - Garlic press, or Goldenseal press (tablespoon of powdered Goldenseal in paper towel, pour hot water over, steep for 30 seconds, apply to infected area 2 minutes.
DIAPER RASH - Lanoline, Aloe Vera, sea salt bath.

SKIN IRRITATIONS- Tea tree essential oil, or Neem essential oil, applied topically.

PREVENTION IS THE BEST CURE!!! The first sign of illness in our home (a whine, a warm head, a runny nose...) is treated immediately with a dose of garlic and honey, and cinnamon essential oil on soles of the feet for two days in a row minimum. As a result, most illnesses are nipped in the bud. We rarely ever actually "get sick". If cousin Billy has a cold, and shared a cup with Tommy, give Tommy a prevention treatment, and make sure he doesn't lower his immune system with any sugar-sweets for 24 hours.

This article, and many other wonderful articles, remedies, and natural solutions to common ailments are at: http://www.bulkherbstore.com/

I am frequently asked "why use herbs, and not the store bought stuff?"

I use herbs because they are natural. The are not chemicals. Synthetic chemicals are fine for my cars engine, and maybe to scrub the toilet with, but NOT to put into my kids bodies. I always try the natural method first.

Are they as effective as the "store bought stuff?"

ABSOLUTELY!!! Just yesterday, Adrian started complaining of an earache. Right away I put a few drops of warmed garlic oil into his ear, and put him down for a nap. He woke an hour later still complaining of pain, so I did give him some Tylenol. He quickly fell back to sleep, and I placed a whole, peeled garlic clove on the outside of his ear (he didn't even notice because he was sleeping). He woke up this morning with no earache. Now isn't that better that a trip to the Ped. and a prescription for an antibiotic? I have been reading a lot about how kids today have been given so many antibiotics that their bodies are becoming resistant to the common antibiotics, and so the doctors have to prescribe the strongest antibiotics available, the ones that used to be reserved for the "super bugs" Scary.

I will share my FAVORITE natural product in a couple days. The best thing ever!!!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

This is a very helpful post! Thank you!


Elise said...

I love to read her articles! Thanks for sharing it and reminding me of these things again - why we do what we do! :)

Julie said...

Thanks for sharing. I use some of these things but will be looking into more.

melanie said...

i love this stuff staci! thanks for this post. i will definitely be referring back to it!
i HATE giving the kids anti-biotics, but sometimes feel like i don't know what else to do (i.e. for an earache, etc.) these sound great!

Staci said...

You are so welcome!! The more I learn about natural healing...the more I want to learn. I have found it so very effective for my family. It just amazes me more and more every day that this stuff REALLY WORKS!!!!