Saturday, August 11, 2007

MySpace banner for RonPaul2008

Yeah, yeah...I know.... Ladies don't usually blog about politics.

But this time it is important.
More important than breastfeeding.
More important than midwifery (my current passion).
It is about the future of this country.
The future of YOUR children, and mine.
The future of all of those thousands of American soldiers over in Iraq.
They too, are some one's children.

And Ron Paul wants to BRING THEM HOME. NOW.

So. Could you take a moment to learn WHO this guy is?

Ron Paul is a true freedom loving statesman, and a Republican candidate for the
Presidency, 2008.
He is a Texas Congressman. And he wants to fix what is WRONG with this country.
He is unlike any other candidate.
Watch one You Tube video, or Google video, and see for yourself.
He is amazing.
He will blow you away.
I double dog dare you to watch just one clip of him. Do it.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Thank you so much for introducing him to me- I keep meaning to look more into what he's about. It is so important for us moms to be in the know with our politicians and candidates!!!


Amber said...

I had never heard of him until I struck up with a conversation with a gal at a farmer's market who was compaigning for him. I can't remember the slogan she was touting but it was pretty darn funny and off-colored. However, she didn't pursue the conversation when she found out I was Canadian. :-)

busybusymomma said...

I'm checking him out right now, he sounds good so far. I usually end up being labeled Libertarian when I do those online questionaires... I'm big on the Constitution and think people spend to much in jail for smoking pot and not enough time in prison for crimes against other people (like rape, kidnapping etc).

Thanks for the tip... I've been avoiding the political stuff because many of the candidates bring on nausea. LOL

Staci said...


You will love, love, love this guy. He is an OB by the way...that is supportive of legalizing midwifery.
Watch a couple of his video' will then understand my excitement.

Personally, I think the other candidates are a joke.
What's sad is the news media is totally ignoring Ron Paul. Pretty sad that our news media is so bought and paid for...that the American people won't even have a chance to make an educated choice for themselves.