Friday, May 04, 2007


I just haven't felt very "bloggy" lately. I feel like there is nothing going on here that is exciting enough to blog about. I really need a new look for my blog, just not interested in shelling out a whole lot of $$ for one, when the current one serves it's purpose just fine.

I am so thankful spring is here. We have been doing lots of yard work. Mowing (we have almost 2 acres), cleaning out flower beds, getting the vegetable garden ready. I still haven't planted anything yet. I'm waiting another couple weeks. I should have started peas and beans already, I just haven't.

Oh! We are getting milk goats!! I am excited beyond words. We are still working on the fence and other details, so it will probably be a couple weeks yet. I'm reading everything I can on the subject.

Savannah is 11 months old. She is finally starting to sign back to me. Yeah!! It is so sweet. She can sign: milk, eat, bye-bye, and dog. I am so proud. We are making some plans for her birthday party. She turns 1 on May 30th. Where does the time go?

I have started attending births again. (I am a student midwife) In April, I attended 3 in 5 days. Whew! That was a crazy week. I had agreed to attend 3 in the month of April, I didn't know they would all be in the same week. They were beautiful and amazing, just as I remembered. It was quiet the break-in period for Savannah and her new sitter, and her Daddy (whom had never actually stayed with him alone before) We all survived. I don't have any births this month. I do have a whole bunch of prenatals to attend, but I'm taking Savannah with me. My senior midwife is so gracious for allowing me to bring her along. I'm not sure yet what June will bring.

We are officially done with school for the summer. Well, sort of. Books are done, except for math. I plan to do math through the summer, so we don't have to waste so much time reviewing later on... And I plan to enroll Jackson and Austin in a summer reading program at the local library. I am already excited for next school year, I have all sorts of new books, and lessons planned. :)

The kids are already asking (40 times a day) if we can put the pool up. (Nothing too exciting, 4ft deep, 18ft. across inflatable kind) So that may happen this weekend. Who knows... I'm going to the Rensselaer Town-wide Yard Sale. Maybe the pool will be up when I get home? (hint, hint)

Okay, so that should catch you up on what is going on around here.

Happy Spring!


{Karla} said...

hey Staci!

sorry I dropped the ball on talking with you about the banner.

We've still been fighting illnesses and I've had to work more hours... you know how things get back-burnered...

I don't have any IM programs on my computer. Maybe you could just email me some ideas... colors... styles... themes etc and we'll go from there.

email me at karla at fruition-designs dot com

My brother and his family have milk goats - they LOVE it!!


busybusymomma said...

Ooh, that's exciting about the milk goats! What breed? My mom raises Nubian does and that fresh milk is great.

That's exciting on the midwifery front, I bet that week just left your head spinning!

I go through blogging spurts... posting every day (or sometimes twice) or going days at a time with little to say. Oh well!


Amber said...

That is fantastic she is starting to sign back to you. We've been diligently doing it with my 9-month-old son but he has yet to do anything except for the occasional "more" sign. Greedy litle guy. :-)

Christine said...

Hi Staci!
I am planning a homebirth in July. I am very excited. I also am a homeschool mom to 2 cuties. Blessings to you!