Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Panic Mode.

Things have been so very busy around here.

I am a list person. I have lists for everything. (Jeremy calls this obsessive compulsive disorder...but I disagree) I have been working on these lists, to get ready for my parents arrival this Friday, 3 days left. I really do over-prepare for company. I don't even know why. This is the reason for the landscaping marathon I was on for the past 2 weeks, and tons of other projects. Like painting, new screens, carpet shampooing... I am so excited to see them. They visit Indiana once a year.

Savannah turns 1 next Wednesday. We are having a party for her (and my Mom, whom she shares a birthday with) on Monday, Memorial Day. So I am trying to prepare for that. I have an awesome cake picked out. I am praying I can pull it off, and make it myself. We are just having family (so far) for her party. I keep getting asked for gift ideas, and honestly, the child is in need of nothing. Literally nothing.
Oh! and Jeremy (hubby), and Jackson, and Austin leave for a Father-Son Retreat at

Camp Joy on Friday, complete with canoeing, fishing, archery, and paintball. They will return late Saturday night. They are so excited.

Did I mention Savannah turns 1 year old next week? :( I was packing away some of her infant clothes the other day...and couldn't figure out WHY am I crying??? And for some reason, I am having a really hard time parting with ANY of her clothes. I should box them all up and send them to my new niece...but I just can't. (And NO, I am absolutely NOT prego)

Some very dear friends of ours, The Peterson's will be moving home for the summer. I am so excited to see them!!! They will be here in time for our Mother Daughter Banquet at church, on May 31st. As rules have it, I will not be allowed to bring MY daughter. Only children ages 3+ are allowed to attend. Doesn't it stink when one rotten apple ruins the whole cart? (or however the saying goes) Anyway (sorry for the little rant) Oh well...that will make it even sweeter when Savannah is old enough to attend. And MY mother is planning on leaving May 30th. So I go alone.


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Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh wow- almost 1 year old! How fun you'll have company and a big celebration. I wish some of your list writing would rub off on me!!

And with the clothes- I had a hard time about that, too. I save some very special things and then get rid of the rest if I can. It's not that easy!


New Mama's Nest said...

One. I can't believe it! Can you believe it?! Hope the party/parent's visit goes well!

I was a big list writer per-baby. Post baby I could find the lists I'd write so I stopped writing them!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it's been a year already. She is growing up beautifully. Hope you have a great party & Holiday Weekend with your parents. I cried when I went thru Haley's clothes each time too. Maybe it's something about girls?? Now when I go thru Shane's too small stuff, I can save them for the new baby. (I would still like to have another girl) :).


Happi said...

I understand your sadness. My eldest graduates from preschool tonight (see blog) and I've been sniffling all day! I truly understand.
Your home will be filled with love and warmth for your guests...whether clean or not so clean. Open your arms to them, share your hospitality, and I'm sure their visit will be a blessing to all. Have a wonderful weekend!

Life With All Boys said...

These little ones are growing way to fast. And I've always been a list writer myself. I'd be lost without them.

And the clothes...SOOO hard to get rid of them.

brooks said...

Hope you're having fun with your mom and dad!