Thursday, March 12, 2009

March Madness

March has been the craziest/busiest month this year..

*5 members of Jeremy's family were killed last week, the funerals are this weekend. I was advised not to travel because of the risk of premature labor.. Both of my midwives say that the physical stress of riding in the car for 18 hours, and the emotional stress of the funerals, could cause premature labor. I have mixed emotions about not being able to attend.

*I am trying to keep up with the boys school lessons despite all of the chaos. I want to have the majority of their book work done so that when the weather turns nice, we can play outside! :) I am still on track to be done with school by May 1. I love home schooling!!

*The torrential rains this past week have flooded our gravel road, and filled our driveway with knee-deep water. Jeremy came home from a conference late Tuesday night to find the driveway completely hidden, so he had to park on the road, and wade through the freezing water to get home.

*A union meeting early this week confirmed what I have been dreading. Jeremy's union plans to strike June 27 (my due date is June 28) if contract negotiations do not improve. I guess I should consider this a blessing.. He won't have to take vacation time for the birth..
Jeremy works for the largest communications company in the world.
"AT&T took in $119 Billion in revenues last year. Cash from operating activities was $34 Billion, a new company record. Double digit earnings per share, which is 4 times the Standard and Poor average.
In fact, they were so profitable they were able to pay seven employees over $150 million in wages. To put that number in perspective, the amount of money AT&T gave to just seven of it's employees could pay for the health care for all 11,000 IBEW Local 21 members."

But AT&T continues their propaganda campaign to try to convince us that we should be prepared to accept "significant givebacks" in this years bargaining.. including not providing it's employees with health care any longer.

* On a happy note, both of my midwives (both my home birth, and my CNM-hospital midwife) agree that I should be able to have a home birth if things continue the way they are now. My condition (massive subchorionic hematoma) does put me at risk for premature labor..but if I can make it to 37 weeks, I should be able to safely home birth. Hooray!

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