Saturday, March 07, 2009

Five members of our family were killed yesterday in a
Jeremy's Aunt Julie, Uncle Terry, cousin Troy, his wife Kristy, and their two young children Cameron and Kerabeth were traveling to NM from TX for a weekend ski trip. A vehicle traveling opposite direction lost control, swerving into the path of their mini-van. All 6 people in the van were ejected despite wearing seat belts. Jeremy's Uncle Terry was the only survivor, and is in critical condition.

In loving memory of Aunt Julie, Troy, Kristy, Cameron, and Karabeth.

Aunt Julie (above center)

Cameron, 10 (driving the 4 wheeler)

Kristy (above center), Aunt Julie (above right)

Troy, a Huntsville TX paramedic.
Kerabeth, age 7

Please pray for our family.

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Elise said...

Oh, my friend. I'm praying, and have added you all to our prayer basket... you will be prayed over by our family. I'm so sorry.