Thursday, November 29, 2007


We have been over Adrian's chicken pox for well over a week. His spots are healed. He never did get "sick" or even uncomfortable. He didn't even scratch his spots..just the one behind his ear. His most serious issue was a spot on his eyelid.. ouch! But that too is long gone.

Last night Savannah (18 months old) had 8 spots on her belly. This morning more.. but she isn't acting sick either. No fever, no..nothing?
I hope that we get through hers as easily as we did Adrians.

I am thankful for healthy, strong immune systems!!

More updates soon...have to go get Savannah up from her nap..


Em said...

I'm praying that Sav get's better quick!
I miss ya! :(

Elise said...

I think she'll probably (hopefully) not get it as badly... Eliana was nine months, and therefore still carrying my immunity to it, so she just had spots and nothing else. The boys were another story... I'll be praying!