Sunday, November 19, 2006

My weekend in a Nutshell...

My weekend started out rather nice. Comparatively speaking. Friday morning we got up early, got the kids dressed in their new duds. It was picture day!!! Drove over an hour to the mall for pictures, and then waited another hour. The kids were very patient considering. They even attempted to smile..even if it was the I've-been-waiting-an-hour smile. But we made it thru the session without any poopy-ruin-my-new-dress-blowouts, or spills, or tears. So life is good.
Saturday I baked pies for the annual church play and Thanksgiving meal. It was really good. The parts I actually saw. Savannah sat thru 30 minutes or so, the rest I watched from the nursery.
Did I mention my head cold is back? Or sinus infection, and larangitis...whatever. It's horrible, I hate being sick. I am downing everything (herbal remedies) that I can come up with to be well ASAP. I do not have time to be sick.
I stayed home from church this morning. No sense getting everyone sick.
OH!!!!! Savannah calls ME "Da-da!" It is her only word, and she screams it when she wants me. It's funny. I quietly say in her ear "ma-ma". We assumed a few weeks ago when she started saying it, that it meant Daddy...but no way. She looks right at me every time. And her other new thing is that when she wants something, she squeals. Loud. Jeremy is not too excited. But I'm thrilled!! My baby is communicating. Sort of. :)

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Anonymous said...

Oh yes- I think they ALL say "dada" first and it's not for DADDY! Squealing- a big thing here, too... actually it's moved on to screeching!