Monday, December 07, 2009

Happy December

Wow. Is December here already?

Many apologies for my looong absence. Life is busy. Having five (FIVE!) kids is incredibly time consuming (in a happy crazy wonderful way!)

I (officially) started midwifery school. An awesome program
Ancient Art Midwifery Institute. The next couple of years will probably be a whirlwind. I am doing my best to keep my priorities straight. God. Family (and friends!). Midwifery. Everything else. I attended a BEAUTIFUL birth on Thanksgiving. What a wonderful memory that will always be!

My digital camera is (to put it nicely).... struggling. Hence, the lack of baby Jesse photo's. He is growing and changing everyday. He is sitting up and has two teeth! I need to remedy that camera situation asap. We are heading out this morning to have some pictures done, so I promise pictures will be up soon.

The boys are all doing great. Busy schedules: martial arts, music lessons, etc. They are testing for their purple belts next week. Jackson enjoys the piano, but wants to start guitar lessons as well, not sure I can afford those right now..

Savannah is growing into such a little mommy. She mothers the baby. She mothers her brothers, they don't appreciate that one so much. ;) She even puts her hand on her hip while giving them instructions! LOL. Oh! I have been reading lots and lots of hair
braiding/fancy hair-do blogs so that I can keep control of her waist long blond hair!

I'm rambling. Have a good day! Please comment and let me know what YOU have been up to!

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