Tuesday, June 16, 2009


When my midwife did the Ballard Score on Jesse, she determined he is 4-5 weeks early. By gestational dating he was born at 37.2 weeks, but if you consider my pregnancies usually last 41+ weeks, she is probably very accurate.

4 weeks makes so much of a difference. He is so little, and frail, and skinny, and dependant. He shudders when unwrapped. His cry is so sweetand quiet. He is my first baby to ever wear "newborn" diapers, the others all started out in size 1. And all of my other babies were born with rolls of baby fat.

His birth weight was 7lb.14oz but had he would went "full term" he likely would have been almost 10lbs.

Savannah (now 3) never was a newborn, in that she came out eyes wide open as if she knew what was going on. She never acted newborn. She was alert and sassy from day one. :)

So I am enjoying this new little one, new in so many ways, teaching me everyday. It's like being a first time mother all over again..


outdoor.mom said...

oh he is soooo precious. i have to stop looking or i'm gonna get that baby fever bug!!

Anonymous said...


Congratulations! He is so precious! I got the chills when I read your post. I hope you are doing well. I will be checking back often for a little Jessie fix. Of course, I love seeing the other kids as well! Take care of you!


Anonymous said...

Sorry...Jesse, not Jessie!


Kelli said...

He is so, so sweet! :)

outdoor.mom said...

you left a comment on my blog asking where we live - we're in Montana :-) I hope you are enjoying that new baby!!

Erin said...

Congratulations on the beautiful boy. I just had a baby boy three weeks ago, and I know what you mean about him being tiny. My oldest son was 9lbs and never wore newborn diapers or clothes. This one was 7lbs, 11oz, which isn't tiny... but it's definitely much different than a nine pounder!