Sunday, July 06, 2008

Dear Friends,

We have had a really nice start to our vacation. We made our 1000 mile trip in record time, with no car trouble or delays. :) The weather here in Wyoming is beautiful, in the 80's and no humidity (major change from Indiana).

Today we had a family get together, and my friend from school brought her family up to Cheyenne to visit us. We had a really nice day. Later this week we are going camping/fishing, the kids are sooo excited.

Emma- HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY!!!!! Hope you had a good day, sorry I missed it! Love you!!

Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend!



Anonymous said...

Staci- So glad you and Jessie are having a wonderful time together!! Janet and I missed you at Anna's birthday, especially since you were at the birth, but glad you're having fun. How are you feeling with your cleanse? Saw Emma yesterday but didn't get a chance to visit. Have a great time!! Look forward to seeing you when you get home!! Kelly

busybusymomma said...

Enjoy your vacation! No humidity sounds great... enjoy that!

Staci said...


I was disappionted that I missed Anna's party, unfortunately it fell on the day that I had planned to leave on vacation. Had you had it on her birthday I would have made it. :) Please give her a birthday hug from me and the kids.

We are having a very nice time. My cleanse is over with, and I'm planning on fasting after my vacation to get rid of all the junk we are eating.

Heard Stephan broke his finger playing VB at Thacker's. Poor guy.


Anonymous said...

Staci- I was dissapointed it couldn't be on her real birthday too, scheduleing conflict :(, maybe next year! She had fun anyway!! Junk is fun!! Lots of coke I hope!! Stephan is trying to be a tough guy, we see a hand specialist tomorrow, but the er thought it would be ok, just a precaution. Thanks for the hugs!! Miss ya! Kelly