Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A Whole Foods Diet

As much as I dislike "new years resolutions" I am determined now more than ever to depart from the Standard American Diet. I have some pretty serious goals for 2008 regarding health, and my family's diet. Here are some:

*I will not feed my family "fast food" (read: McDonald's) for convenience or "as a treat." I will instead plan ahead or seek out healthy alternatives.

*My goal is to feed my family 75% organic (everything..fresh and packaged) I even joined Timber Creek Farms Organics, fresh organic produce, meat and dairy..delivered to my door weekly.

*I will not buy white sugar, white flour, or white pasta again (instead buying raw sugar, whole grain flour, and whole grain pasta)

*I will use my juicer EVERYDAY, making fresh fruit and vegetable juices for my family.

*I will buy a grain mill, and grind whole grains into flour for bread and baking.

*I will make bread in the bread machine EVERYDAY, instead of buying the store bought kind (filled with high fructose corn syrup and chemicals)

*We will not drink soda pop.

*I will teach my children WHY we aren't eating the "other stuff". Who wants to be normal? The average American is obese (or over-weight), has cancer, diabetes, or heart disease. I do not want to be normal. The average American spends more time on the couch watching TV than exercising...I want better for MY children.

*I will let the children make decisions about what they eat, helping me in the kitchen to make breakfast smoothies, or healthy cookies, veggie pizza, etc..

Quick thought: If you put pancake syrup into your car's gas tank, instead of gas...how well would your car run, and for how long?

If you are putting sugary cereal, soda pop, candy, and fast food into your (or your kids) body..how well will you function, and for how long?

Banana Smoothie (my kids favorite recipe)

In a blender:
3 frozen ripe bananas
2T. raw honey
cover with Rice Dream Rice Milk.

Blend. Makes 4 kid size breakfast smoothies.
Other additions: You could add almond or peanut butter, protein powder, Superfood type green powder (I use Greens First), fresh or frozen fruit, yogurt, or kefir instead of rice milk, or Stevia as a calorie free sweetener.


Anonymous said...

Honestly, all I can say...is you're AWESOME!
Good luck with your goals. :)
Love Ya!

Rebecca said...

Love It!! How wonderful and informed you are. Your kids are lucky to have a mom that cares so deeply about what goes into their bodies. I applaud you!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

These are great goals!!


Staci said...

I am NOT awesome, but I am trying. I so deeply believe that diet can affect my kids behavior, their energy level, and their life long health. I want to give them the best start possible. I feel it's my duty as their mother.


Life With All Boys said...

These ARE great goals. A few years ago my sister bought me a smoothie machine for Christmas. I had no idea just how bad I wanted one until I had it. We LOVE it. The kids know that what they are drinking is healthy for them, but it tastes like something thats not. They like that.

Were big on the whole grains and organic as much as possible, but it gets SO expensive sometimes.

Happi said...

Sounds like a great goal for 2008 and something I should work harder at doing. Yeah, I'm with Robin...it's so costly, but I know in the long run it would pay dividends. Thanks for the post.

Staci said...

Robin and Happi,

Being a one income family, we too, are on a budget.

Some things that I have found that have helped us to be able to buy organic, are:

I stopped buying packaged (prepared) foods, canned fruit and vegetables, and stuff like chips, soda, sugary snack cakes, etc.. I now focus on "whole foods".

I also joined a food co-op, and buy all supplements, bulk flour and grains, cleaning supplies, etc.. there because they are so much less expensive than the health food store.

Stores like Sam's and COSTCO carry organic produce at very affordable prices.

Hope this helps some!


Julie said...

What great goals. I fell off the eating healthy wagon in December and the WHOLE family paid for. Everyone was sick for three whole weeks. We are trying to climb back on now. Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

WOW! This sounds just like my house. Have fun! Libby

Elise said...

I love that smoothie recipe- I have all those things on hand already, hooray! :)
I love your goals- I want to mirror them as well. Already doing most, but not consistently, so that is where I need to focus. Thanks for sharing!

Elise said...

Staci- you're a hit! I made the smoothies this morning, and the kids are slurping- and not talking- as I write! :)
I threw in a couple of Tummy Tune-Ups from Beeyoutiful because we're fighting the flu bug, but otherwise, I made it just the way you recommended! Thanks so much for sharing this...